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'Barbara Belle'

'Brenda Muse'

'Candy Ball'

'Cherokee Fire'


'Chit Chat'


'Chris McHenry'

'El Cerrito'

'Fame 'N Glory'

'Fire Dance'

'Gold Digger'

'Hsiang-Yu Red Pearl'

'Jewel Box'

'Molly Tyler'



'Rosanne Sander'

'Struber Feuerwerk'


Best Friend 'Kleopatra'

Candy Ball 'Happy Field'

Chit Chat 'Tangerine'

Coastal Magic 'Strub'

Doris and Byron 'Christmas Rose'

Gold Digger 'Buttercup'

Hsiang-Yu Red Pearl 'Red Dragonfly'

Jewel Box 'Dark Waters'

Jewel Box 'Sheherazade'

Little Fairy 'No 1'

Lo' s Long Tone 'Red Chocolate'

Pixie Lair 'Apollon'

Roblar 'Orange Gem'

Sir Jeremiah Colman 'Blue Moon'

Trick or Treat 'Water'

Tutankamen 'Pop'