D > Dactylorhiza

 Less then 2 weeks
 2-4 weeks
 4-6 weeks
 More then 6 weeks
 More then once a year


 Non fragrant


Light conditions
 Full shade
 Partial shade
 Bright light
 Full sun

 North America
 South America
 Central America


Altitude (in tropical zones)
 > 2440 m (Subalpine Zone)
 1830 – 2440 m (Temperate Zone)
 915 – 1830 m (Subtropical Zone)
 < 915 m (Tropical Zone)

Dactylorhiza viridis


Albania, Albania, Austria, Austria, Belarus, Belarus, Belgium, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Bulgaria, Canada, Canada, China, China, Croatia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Czech Republic, Denmark, Denmark, Finland, Finland, France, France, Germany, Germany, Great Britain, Great Britain, Hungary, Hungary, Iceland, Iceland, Iran, Iran, Ireland, Ireland, Italy, Italy, Japan, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Mongolia, Nepal, Nepal, Northern Ireland, Norway, Norway, Pakistan, Pakistan, Poland, Poland, Romania, Romania, Russia, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia , Slovakia , Slovenia, Slovenia, Spain, Spain, Sweden, Sweden, Switzerland, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Tajikistan, The Netherlands, The Netherlands, Turkey, Turkey, Ukraine, Ukraine, United States, United States

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