Welcome to Global Orchids.info

This site is meant to be a help for every orchidlover to indentify his orchids, or to find out more about orchids of the same genus or other genera.
We work mainly with photos of orchids that are shown on orchid shows all over the world.
You can find photos of the habitus, inflorescence and close-up of the flowers of each species (if available). Some short info will be added with each species.
Names will be checked at World Checklist of Selected Plant Families (Kew) and The International Plant Names Index (IPNI). For Hybrids we use The International Orchid Register(RHS).

We will constantly work on adding more photos or replace photos for better ones.
We also offer you a search engine that helps you find species/hybrids ranked e.g. by blooming period, blooming season, fragrancy, greenhouse conditions, light conditions, origin, species or hybrid and height.

If you want to help us by sending in photos of species/hybrids we still don't have, you're always welcome. We specially need photos of terrestrial species.
But there are some restrictions.
  • Your photos have to be of a GOOD and above all SHARP quality.
  • If possible send in photos of, habitus (the plant in whole), inflorescence and flower.
  • The photos must not show a copyrightsymbol or text. (All photos are copyrighted accordingly the WIPO Copyright Treaty, and we will protect your photo as much as we can.)
  • The photos have to be of a medium or large size. 500 KB or more. Pictures taken in RAW would be even better. When you have large RAW photos, or several, you can send them to us by using www.yousendit.com. (up to 100 MB) or make a zip.file first.
If you're an expert in one or more genera and you're willing to help us with orchids that are labeled wrong, just fill in the comment box on the species page. You also can let us know, about your upcoming orchidshow. Big or small, In our calendar page, we put them all.

Enjoy this orchid photo database.

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Total hybrids: 1540

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